2nd Saturday Artwalk - March 11, 2017 - Ellen Caillouet & Miles Peterson


Ellen Caillouet

By Profession, I am a custom stained glass artist. However, my true passion lies in fiber art. Since I was a small child sitting beneath my mother's machine, I have been mesmerized by colorful bits of fabric.  The color, the hand, the diversity of texture makes an amazing medium for art.  

I like to do unconventional treatment to fabric to develop a texture or a movement to enhance an art quilt.  I design my quilts, choose or dye my fabrics, assemble them, and quilt them.   The really exciting and ultra-creative part of quilt making, for me, is in the designing.


Miles Peterson

I have enjoyed working with wood for more than thirty years and I have always been fascinated by old things. In the mid 1990’s, I was asked to build a valence for a large picture window. The request was to build the piece out of used cypress. I was intrigued and puzzled at the nature of this request for two reasons. First, why would anyone want to put used lumber in their new house, and secondly, what was the attraction to cypress? As the project progressed I discovered the answers to both of my questions. The dirty, crooked, warped old barn wood that I had been given for this project began to take on a new life. During the assembly process I noticed that the wood could be straightened and flattened without breaking. Cypress had an extremely soft texture that accepted a wax finish without blotches. With these discoveries I was hooked.