Stacey Fabre

Mixed Media / Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement

Ms. Fabre's creative energy comes from giving new life to time worn and/or forgotten pieces be they once grand or simple. She uses found objects from all over the world mixed with newer elements to fashion her one of a kind creations. Some of the component parts for the work done by Stacey Fabre for Fabre Unlimited are over 150 yrs old some are much newer. She never stops looking for 'new' objects that can be incorporated into her work.

All of the work on Ms. Fabre's pieces are done by hand including but not limited to, buffing, filing, soldering, burnishing, cut/sawing, stamping, drilling, adding or removing patina, wire wrapping, painting, embellishing or what ever else may need to be done to make each creation 'just right.'


Raised in South Louisiana, Stacey Fabre takes inspiration from not only her surroundings, but the component pieces themselves. Rarely is a specific idea of creation in place when she sits down in her studio. She is driven to let the component tell its story through her. She internalizes the piece and becomes a conduit for its energy and story. It is through this unique style and vision that the pieces become more than accessories—they become art.
The creative process is a fundamental element in Stacey’s jewelry. Doing custom work for her clients is what makes her tick. Sharing the energy of the client and the piece just adds to the creative development of the finished product—re-working the item from what once was, to a stellar piece that appeals to young, old, male and female. Turning cherished heirlooms into walking masterpieces is what it’s all about. It is through imagination, eclectic taste, an exuberant zest for life and a knack for re-purposing those things that have been discarded that Stacey brings her art to life and allows her works to tell their story. And that story continues through the client’s love of the piece.