Simone Palmer

Metal / Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement

My love affair with jewelry began very early – I was only 2 weeks old when my mother had my ears pierced. I was born a Virgo – that makes me very creative.
I was born on 9/3 – that makes me a #3 personality, someone who collects beautiful things and has the gift to communicate. And, according to a Chinese reading I had done, I need metal and roosters in my life. As a metal clay artist, I communicate my love of beauty in the pieces I create. And as I am married to Terry Palmer, I have a rooster in my life.
I’ve been a landscape painter since I was a tiny little girl, have dabbled in metal smithing, jewelry casting, enameling and for years called myself a clay potter. It was not until I found metal clay that I truly found myself as an artist.
All of my art experiences and knowledge now come together when I work in metal clay. Literally.
From painting, I borrow my eye for beauty. From metal and clay work, I borrow my hand building skills. I can even now use most of those tools I bought and forgot about over the years. My techniques as a metal clay artist are very similar to those of a clay hand building artist. I make sketches to begin a piece – but, I am not bound by that, because usually the clay tells me which way to go. Most of my designs are organic in nature, some a little spiritual, but most are just fun. I work in silver, bronze and other base metal clays. I design and carve most of my own stamps, or drawn into Scratch Foam. I begin by rolling out the clay, stamping it, cutting the shapes and then like pottery hand building, I assemble the parts to create the piece. When it is leather hard, it is fired in a small jewelry kiln. It is then tumbled, polished and assembled into a wearable piece of jewelry.


Born and raised in New Iberia, I have resided in Lafayette for over 30 years.
Graduated from Mt. Carmel Academy, New Iberia in 1973.
Obtained a bachelor of Fine Arts degree (Major - Advertising Graphics; Minors – painting and history) from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (ULL) in 1979.
Married to LA Crafts Guild member, Terry Palmer.
Worked as a designer/computer graphic artist for various ad agencies 1979 thru 2000.
Joined Terry Palmer as partner in Palmer Graphics in 2000.
I continue to further my knowledge and love of art with ongoing classes and periodically attend workshops. I paint, sew, handbuild and throw clay pots, and create Metal Clay jewelry in either of my indoor or outdoor studios.

I am a member of the PMC Guild of Louisiana: L'Esprit du Metal, The Acadiana Center for the Arts, and The Lafayette Artists Association.