Sher Chappell

Mixed Media / Lockhart, TX / Master Craftsman

Artist Statement

The original artwork is painted either on antique ceiling tins or on solid wood door panes from dismantled doors. The paintings hang from strips of leather. The door panels average 22" x 10" and the ceiling tins are 24" x 24".
I keep the old paint on the doors and tins. The subjects are painted in acrylics. I apply combined found materials — rosaries, bottle caps, scrabble letters, beads, old silk flowers, etc., to complete the work. I seal the painting with an acrylic medium.

My desire is to create paintings that are spiritual and inspirational.

Each signed print is encased in a plastic sealed envelope for protection. The prints are shipped in heavy duty cardboard cylinders.


Hello, my name is Sher Chappell.

I studied several years in Paris, France where my name Sher was considered an endearment, so I started signing my paintings "ESSA."

In my opinion, it is important to convey the subject matter to the viewer in a way that reflects love and compassion for others to share.

I live on a working cattle ranch and try to paint every day. My studio is located 3 miles away from the ranch in the Old Lytton Springs High School, which I have refurbished.

Thank you for visiting my site and viewing my artwork!