Shaun Aleman

Mixed Media / Metairie, Louisiana

Artist Statement

Being a lifelong resident of Louisiana has had a definite impact and influence on me and my artwork. The images I paint represent the unique heritage and culture of the region. The food, music, wildlife local festivals and even the catch phrases of the area lend themselves to my artwork. Growing up here, spending the weekends fishing, hunting, celebrating Mardi Gras and festivals and all the other things that we take as normal. That is what I want to capture in my artwork. In my artwork I use a lot reclaimed materials like architectural salvage, driftwood, reclaimed wood and musical instruments and cases.


I was born in New Orleans. I've always even at a young age enjoyed painting and drawing and I have strived to be an artist. I have a degree in Design Fine Arts Painting & Drawing from LSU and graduate studies in Graphic Design. I have worked in the past as an illustrator. I participate and show in many art markets, festivals, shops and galleries.