Rosslyn Bernard

Mixed Media / Lafayette, LA / Master Craftsman

Artist Statement

I majored in architecture for a while and absolutely love old towns and buildings, ancient places, and art. I got to study in southern France while I was 'back' in school in the 80's, and fell in love with cloisters, and also with Picasso and his many art filled homes. I saw Matisse paintings and the chapel in Vence, that contains his designs in art glass windows, blues, and yellows, and reds. All of these inform my present art.

I find art that affirms women the most important of all and I try to do that in all my work. We women, and some men as well, have been overlooked for many centuries. Now is our time to SHINE.

I love prisms and feathers and shiney objects and gold leaf. I love beaches and flea markets. I am awed by mosaics and the patience it takes to make them.

I am moved by ancient cultures such as the Native Americans and their belief in family and a lifestyle that is close to the earth.

I love color and words move me beyond words.

In the presence of now. I am.


Ive have been a teacher, a mother, an interior designer, an art major (BFA 1989,ULL)and now spend my summers as a National Park Service Ranger and my winters making art.