Roger Pearson

Other / Clinton, MS

Artist Statement

I love fish; if I am not fishing, I am eating fish, dreaming about fish, planning on fishing or tying flies with which to catch fish. I have done intensive research (both on the water and by book) to find the right combination of fish, bait, and water conditions to make the catch limit and land the big one.
My flies are each hand-crafted one at a time. I use feathers, fur, fiber, beads, flash and other materials to design and create flies that mimic the shape, color and underwater vibrations of insects, spiders, shrimp and other fish prey. I tie flies for swift water fish like rainbow trout, brown trout and brookies, flies for still, warm and muddy water fish like large mouth bass, bluegill, crappie, sunfish and perch, flies for cold lake fish like pike and walleye, and flies for saltwater and brackish water fish like red fish, channel cats, croaker, snapper and flounder. Each fly is tied not only with my hands but with my heart; I instill my knowledge, my passion and my dreams into every one fo my creations. I have expanded my fly tying into another area; I also design and create pins in a new line I call Lady Flies.


Roger Pearson was born in March of 1943 in a small village in Ohio and was fishing as soon as he could hold the pole. Roger spent most of his childhood by the lake and at the ripe old age of eight he started tying his own flies. His family did not have a lot of money so any extra food he could put on the table was welcome and he learned quickly how to tie flies that were both effective and durable. After high school, Roger joined the US Army and served honorably for 27 years. During his time in the service, he travelled all over the world and his trusty fly rod wen with him. Roger has competed in (and won) tournaments in both Germany and the Netherlands as well as here in the United States.
Roger is a Fellowship Member of the Mississippi Craftsmens' Guild, he has been featured in various magazines and newspaper articles and won numerous awards. In 2015, Roger was selected by Mississippi's First Lady Deborah Bryant to represent the state and create the ornaments for the Mississippi tree for the individual state trees exhibit accompanying the National Christmas tree on the Mall in Washington, D.C.
Roger Pearson curently lives in Clinton, Mississippi with his lovely bride of 52 years, and yes, she loves fish, too.