Robin Daning

Mixed Media / New Orleans, LA

Artist Statement

My work captures a common dilemma: being part of a group while maintaining individuality. I illustrate this tension by creating original images—including musical compositions and expressive faces-- on small plastic tiles and then combining numerous of these original tiles to create a three-dimensional piece.

I use pen and brush to create finely detailed images with pigmented ink on the smooth sides of 1' X 2' white plastic tiles (dominos). I add distinctive polymer lips to some of the faces. After each tile is completed I apply several layers of matte varnish and then attach from one to several hundred of these original images to canvas/board painted with acrylic.

Viewed from afar the individual pieces combine to create a unified but somewhat chaotic image; viewed up close each original image is seen as separate and unique. Psychological interpretation aside, my primary intention is to charm and amuse the viewer through use of bold color and fine detail of New Orleans/Louisiana icons (music, food, architecture); and variations in human facial expressions.


Robin Daning lives in New Orleans and studied art at Syracuse University and the University of Miami and has a PhD in psychology from the University of New Hampshire.

Her pieces involve the use of multiple images with themes that include Louisiana music and architecture and faces with a wide variety of expressions. Her grandfather was a local jazz pianist who introduced her to the joy New Orleans/Louisiana music, food, and architecture as a young child. Her interest in the human face and the endless variations in human expression reflect her psychological bent, and her use of repeated images reflects her appreciation for the constant tension that arises when we shift focus from the crowd as an entity to the specific individuals comprising that crowd. The overall effect of her work is whimsical and playful while exploring issues relevant to the basic human condition.