Rhonda Reap-Curiel

Mixed Media / Alexandria, Louisiana

Artist Statement

Whether looking through the lens of my camera or capturing an image in another medium, I search for the drama of the subject. It could be the gentleness of a flower petal, the fire of a sunset or the reflection of light. I look for a composition that is screaming, Hey look at me, I’m beautiful.

If we sit and enjoy the silence of our surroundings long enough, we can hear the beauty in them. Each of us will hear something different.

Part of being an artist is being able to truly see your surroundings and accept the beauty and the ugliness that lies before you and see past the first impression, to seek beyond the first layer and into something that stirs your soul.

For me my art is a chance to go slow, carrying memories with me of places I’ve been and people I’ve come to know if only for a minute. It allows me to get lost from the banter and often boredom of daily activities. It’s a chance to reconnect with my soul and to understand what it is that separates me from the rest of the world, a chance not to conform, but to be an individual.

My contemporary work allows me to be free from restraints, to sling paint, to create what can only exist in my mind’s eye. It’s an opportunity to explore new techniques, new materials, new ways of seeing. It’s a chance to challenge the voyeur and to stimulate their inner feelings and to evoke some type of response.

It is my hope that people can find something that speaks to them in my work, whether it be a traditional Louisiana scene or something you have to look at many times to begin to understand what it is.


Rhonda Reap-Curiel is a multi-medium artist working in photography, oil, charcoal, acrylic, glass, iron and mixed media. She holds two degrees from Tulane, neither of which is in art.

Her contemporary pieces are inspired by music, nature, light, and movement while her traditional work captures the essence of Louisiana. Always searching for the drama of the subject, she sees beyond the surface beauty or ugliness to something that stirs her soul. Through her art, she challenges the voyeur and expresses a freedom from the daily restraints of traditional work.

Rhonda has had her work recognized locally and regionally, winning awards in various competitions and being juried into multi-state shows. She participates in annual shows as a resident artist and has shown individually numerous times over her tenure at River Oaks.

She was chosen by a board member to represent Central Louisiana in the LPB Art and Travel Auction 2010 and has continued to support the event by donating work to be auctioned. She has also donated art to support Cenla Healthworkx, Arts and Healthcare, Inc., Hope House and other organizations.

Rhonda is married to Ricardo Curiel. Her dog Wolfgang often accompanies her on back road excursions.