Nanci Charpentier

Other / Baton Rouge, LA

Artist Statement

I am a contemporary representational oil painter. I consider my art as painterly, loving color and the brush stroke. My paintings include works on paper, linen, wood, and cotton canvas.

My paintings capture people, places, and moments in time - snapshots of life’s moments. The work focuses on a sense of place - a degree of intimacy with home, where we live and our community, things we pass daily without notice or thought but cherish and value in our souls and daily lives. Natural light runs through the work. Whether painting flowers, landscapes, structures, or figures, I set these against the backdrop of natural light.

Painting starts long before I pick up a brush. I work with a sketchbook taking notes and setting out ideas. My process includes driving around taking in the landscape, photographing, sketching, and talking things through my head in the middle of the night. I enjoy painting plein air but am predominantly a studio painter.

I am a member of the national organization, American Women Artists; member and workshop chair of the local organization, Associated Women in the Arts; artist member of the Arts Guild of Louisiana; artist member with the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge; vendor with the Baton Rouge Arts Market; and member, the Louisiana Crafts Guild.

My paintings have been juried and included into several local and national exhibitions including Art Muse Contest, Emerging Artist Finalist, In The Bloomin’ Garden (Spring 2019); River Road 50th Anniversary Exhibition (After The Bath: Self-Portrait with Quincy, In The Bloomin’ Garden) (August 2019); FW Gallery - 2 Person Show (September 2019); Plein Air Painting in the Garden (Spring 2019).


As a mainly self-taught artist, the path to art has not been straight for me. Having taken art classes through high school, I realized it was and is my passion and love. Instead of pursuing a career in the arts I chose a degree in Criminal Justice. I then attend LSU Law Center for 2 1/2 years before completely failing out. I then worked the legal field as a paralegal for 15 years. Luckily, family obligations pulled me out of the office and back home full-time where I was finally able to focus more on family and pursue art once more. Since 2009, I’ve continued to pursue painting with an impressionistic style elevating familiar scenes from the road to dreamy landscapes and nature, evoking feelings of nostalgia. I regularly paint plein air and most days I can be found in my studio painting.

I have continued to take workshops over the past 10 years with well-known artists such as Suzie Baker (plein air); Antrese Wood (The Savvy Painter Podcast) (business for artists); Alyssa Monks (oil painting); Anne Blair Brown (plein air); Marc Chatov (still life) to name just a few. I continue to participate in nationally juried shows and local exhibitions, all of which showcase new works. I am currently represented by FW Gallery. For a more extensive list of workshops and exhibitions, please visit my website,