Miki Cotton

Metal / Lake Charles, LA / Master Craftsman

Artist Statement

Copper sculptures, specializing in nature themes.

Each piece is hand-cut from flat copper,

hammered to give it definition and realism,

then welded for stability and structure with copper tubing.
Each piece can have a patina finish,
or can be colored with heat.


Hello, my name is Miki Cotten. I am an artist who works with copper.

I have been working with copper since 2002. My art mainly focuses

on Louisiana wildlife, both aquatic and land-bound. I am a member of

the Louisiana Crafts Guild. I apprenticed with my father,

Gene Rushing, who has worked with copper for 15 years.

I currently attend 6-8 shows a year, all throughout the

Southeastern part of the U.S.

My artwork has been recognized in the Lake Charles

American Press and KPLC-TV.