Michele Benson Huck

Clay / New Orleans, Louisiana

Artist Statement

I make pots for people to use. The greatest compliment I can receive is that my pots are used every day and that they are a pleasure to use. Conversely the greatest insult is when people buy my work, put it on a shelf, and never touch it. I have worked for many years to make pots that are comfortable in peoples’ hands, pots that are a joy to have in their homes and on their tables. I strive to make work that combines utility with beauty. From the moment I first touched clay over twenty years ago, I knew it was my medium. It is a delight to work with a substance that is so flexible in its wet state, and is so durable when it is fired. I work with stoneware clay, mix my own glazes and fire in mid-range oxidation.


I studied ceramics for two years at Tulane University, then apprenticed with a master potter in South Carolina in 1995 and 1996. I work in mid-range stoneware and mix my own glazes. My pots are intended to be used and enjoyed every day. I have developed designs that are both pleasant to use but also fully functional. I have shown my work at the Arts Market of New Orleans since 2006. For the third year, I have been invited to participate in the Art of the Cup exhibit at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. I am also excited to have been invited to exhibit my work at the Three Rivers Art Festival in Covington in November 2016.