Melissa Castrillo

Mixed Media / New Orleans, LA

Artist Statement

Melissa Castrillo is the owner of MelissaMosaics. She is a mosaic artist living in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her work is greatly influenced by the fascinating city in which she lives. Her mosaics consist primarily of stained glass, but can also include beads, stone, tiles, and marble.


I have always enjoyed creating things by hand. I experimented with many different mediums until I stumbled upon a mosaic demo in a plant store. I've been hooked ever since.

Most days I can be found in my home studio, cutting glass while listening to whatever music is ruling my emotions at the moment.

My mosaics can be found at Zele on Magazine St. New Orleans, Panola Cafe in New Orleans, The Arts Market of New Orleans, and The Freret Street Market. Public works can be found at Resurrection of our Lord School and Z'otz Cafe.