Maxie Durel-Crain

Clay / Lafayette, LA / Master Craftsman

Artist Statement

My fascination with making clay jewelry began several years ago while doing missionary work in the Yucatan. One day a villager showed me beads and pendants he had found at a, not yet uncovered, Mayan Ruin. My inspiration comes from my own Cajun Culture and the Ancient Mayan Indians.
I like to say my jewelry is simple and easy to wear. In fact one of my lines is called “easy to wear” because it is just that. My jewelry can be worn by both men and women anytime and anywhere.
My favorite thing about my jewelry, besides being fun to wear, is that the necklaces are adjustable. That means a necklace can be worn tight like a choker or draped long and loose. The same necklace can be worn with a t-shirt, a v-neck or a turtleneck, simply by moving the knots


Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana.
Married with two boys.