Margo Manning

Metal / New Orleans, Louisiana

Artist Statement

Margo Manning

I have always been drawn to antiquity and the persistent evolution of form. We are surrounded by the marks of nature and time; and I find in this an unending source of beauty and inspiration. In designing, I approach a piece of jewelry first as a composition in metal and second as a movable, functional object. I intend to create jewelry that appears to have been altered by the elements of nature and time. The incorporation of patterns, surface textures, shapes and hints of color into my jewelry represents these natural forces: water, heat, corrosion, abrasion and pressure. The primary techniques that I use to change the visual and physical characteristics of metal are embossing, etching, filing, forming, fusing, stamping, reticulation, heating, enameling and oxidizing. I want to evoke a certain mystery in my jewelry and metalwork. The same mystery associated with the unknowns of our past and the imagined glimpses into our future.
My artist vocabulary is derived from the textures, colors and forms around me and New Orleans provides an endless source of inspiration. The surfaces, rust and corrosion, the ornamental and architectural details offer a rich and beautiful collection of shapes and patterns to draw from. The local lush and exotic vegetation, along with plant and flower imagery are often seen as details as well as focal points in my work.



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1340 Pine Street 1340 Pine Street
New Orleans, LA 70118 New Orleans, LA 70118
tel. (504) 314-0266 tel. (504)-458-2652

Designer of jewelry and metal objects
Teacher of jewelry design and metalwork

East Carolina University (Greenville, NC)
MFA, 1981 - Metal Design and Textile Design
BFA, 1977 - Metal Design and Textile Design


Delgado Community College (New Orleans, LA), 1987-1988, 2001-2005, 2007-2017
Department of Humanities and Fine Arts
Instructor, Jewelry 1,2,3 and 4
Delgado Community College (New Orleans) 1988
Department of Humanities and Fine Arts
Instructor, Art Appreciation
Delgado Community College (New Orleans) , LA ) 2006-2007
Department of Humanities and Fine Arts
Instructor, Drawing 1

Studio Flux (New Orleans LA) 2011, 2014
Embossing Workshops

RHINO Contemporary Crafts Gallery (New Orleans, LA) , 2008- 2017
Children’s Workshop Series
University of New Orleans (New Orleans, LA) , 2009
Cold Connections Workshop
Sponsored by the New Orleans Gem and Mineral Society
Newcomb Art Gallery (New Orleans, LA), 2004
Metalsmithing Workshop
Metairie Park Country Day School (New Orleans, LA), 1993- 1997 and 1999 - 2000
Colony at Country Day Workshop
Basic Jewelry Techniques
University of New Orleans (New Orleans) , LA ) , 2000
Roll Mill Embossing and Forming Workshop
Sponsored by the New Orleans Gem and Mineral Society

Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah, GA), 1990
Creating Surface Textures on Metal
Roxanne Reep, Course Director
Southern California Institute of Architecture (Santa Monica, CA), 1989
Metal and Jewelry Techniques
“Conjugate Objects”
Coy Howard, Course Director
Metairie Park Country Day School (New Orleans, LA), 1987
Roll Mill Embossing and Dye Forming Workshop
Thomas Mann Design (New Orleans, LA), 1985-1986
Jeweler’s Assistant
East Carolina University (Greenville, NC), 1979-1981
Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Art, Design Department
Teaching Assistant, jewelry studio

“Experiments in Surface Treatment of Metal Using Texture and Color”,
Graduate Thesis, East Carolina School of Art, 1981


Delgado Community College (New Orleans, LA),2012
Enameling Workshop with Karen Martin
East Carolina University (Greenville, NC), 1998
Enamel Symposium, course directed by Robert Ebendorf
Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA), 1996
Chain Making Workshop with Chris Hentz
New Orleans School of Glassworks (New Orleans, LA), 1996
Metal Coloring and Resins Workshop with Sandy Zilker
Studio Inferno (New Orleans, LA), 1994
Fold Forming in Metal Workshop with Charles Lewton-Brain
Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA), 1987
Fusion of Patterned Metal Workshop with Kate Wagel
Penland School of Crafts (Penland, NC), 1984
Titanium and Niobium Workshop with Inad Kaplan
East Carolina University (Greenville, NC), 1977-1980
Pewter Workshop with Fred Fenster
Phototech Workshop with Eleanor Moty
Casting Workshop with Fred Woell


Metal Artist’s Workbench by Thomas Mann ( new Orleans) 2011

WYES Patron Artist, 2004


“Beautiful Creatures”- created jewelry for a movie character (New Orleans LA) 2012
The Cotton Mill Promotion – (New Orleans) 1998

Reflections in Metal , A Mirror Show – LeMieux Gallery (New Orleans LA) 2005
Environmental Boxes - LeMieux Gallery (New Orleans, LA), 1998
New Works - LeMieux Gallery (New Orleans, LA), 1992
Jewelry As Art - LeMieux Gallery (New Orleans, LA), 1988
Graduate Work Collection - East Carolina University (Greenville, NC), 1980
Senior Exhibition -East Carolina Universi