Marcelle Guidry

Fiber / Abbeville, La

Artist Statement

I am an artist who was born and raised in Abbeville, La. While I work with many art forms, one of my favorites is to construct baskets that are made from pine needles that I gather myself in and around Abbeville. These needles are cleaned and then woven into simple, organic baskets. My background in crochet, beadwork and painting has naturally developed into a love of basket weaving, and fiber arts such as crochet. The scarves that I crochet are multi-colored with no pattern, rhyme or reason, except that I love the colors and textures.

The needles are wrapped in small bundles and then woven together to make the base. The walls of the basket are slowly built up from this base. Some of the baskets use gourds, sea shells, knot work, driftwood and even oyster shells as a base. I love the rich color of the pine needles and the rough texture of the baskets when they are finished. Some of the baskets are embellished with beads.
Please contact me if you are interested in having a special basket made with your own personal items incorporated into it.


I was born and raised in Abbeville, La. While I don't have a formal art education, my love of arts and crafts has motivated me to learn many art techniques. I incorporate beading, crochet, wood burning and painting into the construction of my baskets.