Madison Dimarco

Other / Lafayette, Louisiana

Artist Statement

I use 19th century and alternative film processing (35mm film, tintype, cyanotype ,Polaroid emulsion lift, etc.)to capture the old spirit of the modern south.


I am a photography student currently studying at the university of Louisiana in Lafayette, and am constantly experimenting with new processes and developing my artistic style. I fell in love with photography at age 5 and have not put down a camera since. I think my interest in 19th century photography stems from the use of photography in my family's past. My great-aunt was a photographer as was her great grandfather and a few others further back. Once I showed an interest in the medium my family unloaded all their old cameras and slides and anything else they could find on me. I really developed my love for the medium sitting in my room taking apart and researching all my old cameras and projectors there is a certain romantic quality to film that is captivating.