Lori Henderson

Fiber / Arnaudville, LA

Artist Statement

My observations are displayed in my art. Each piece is a unique expression of human movement and emotion. Creations are made of humble materials gathered on walks and traverses. Elements including paper, cloth, wood, twigs, shells, clay, metal, fiber and found objects are juxtaposed evoking esthetic feelings. They constitute a diary of my obsessions and sensibility to deconstruct and reconstruct.

Several series being developed simultaneously are often biographical in nature. Each sculpture is dramatized to evoke humor, deep human emotion, gender roles, social dynamics, sexuality and body image.

Influences include Dennis Paul Williams, The Oiseaux Sisters and Janet Mullarney. These artists capture a similar sensibility and enthusiasm regarding human emotion that I share.


Lori Henderson is a self trained artist. Lori moved as a child from the American North, West, South and back to the North during the 1960's and 1970's soaking in the social change of the times. She moved, explored, and moved again as an adult while developing a keen sense of observation for the environment and social structures that surrounded her.

Lori started creating art at a young age working with many elements including leather, wood, wax, clay, fiber, yarn and fabric working with her analytical and intuitive senses . She got her degree in science and spent the 1980's and 1990's working in the health care field developing ultrasound equipment traveling the world. Lori brought forth her unique blend of art full time starting in 2006. She dreamed of moving to South West Louisiana and in 2006 made her move to where her soul feels at home, Arnaudville LA.