Lauren Vice

Mixed Media / Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement

From prehistoric religious figurines to baby houses enjoyed by wealthy merchants’ wives in the 16th century to the stop motion animation and plastic toys of today, the secret lives of small things have fascinated us.

Sometimes my work explores our efforts to understand ourselves through fantasy worlds built in miniature and sometimes it takes a break to delight in tiny, perfect objects.


Lauren Vice is the most recent in a long line of women artists and designers. She followed in her mother’s footsteps, studying art at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where much of her work focused on the imagined lives of tiny creatures which she maintains live in all our heads.

Shortly after graduating with a concentration in metalwork and jewelry design, Lauren realized nobody could tell her what to do anymore and began stockpiling polymer. Clay.

From her home in downtown Lafayette, LA, she continues to feed and water an ever expanding world of her own design with paint, clay, copper, wool, and whatever else it's curious creatures require.