Karen Morrow

Mixed Media / Boyce, LA

Artist Statement

I just completed a painting titled (Life is what we paint of it!) That is truely what I believe. Life can be what we want it to be, we have to be willing to look out the door of our world and find adventures-----that is what I feel like I do when I get clay in my hands or the paint brush..... I sculpt with special air dryed clays, then I paint on Louisiana natural items, such as Pineknots, Gourds, Okra Pods, Oyster shells, Magnolia Pods, Cypress Knees plus lots of other dried items from Louisiana. Some of my subjects are Nativities, Angels, snowmen, Aligator Santa's and so much more Christmas and Louisiana Art.
I also design Necklaces with clay pendants on ribbons with silver clasp. Some of my designs are Fleur de lis, Crosses, Nativities, Leaves, Feathers and Hand Painted Pendants.

When it is not the season for me to design ornaments, the (Canvas Calls) to paint Louisiana Art--- But nothing holds my heart more than having a piece of Nature in my hands.


Painting has been in my life sense 1983; the love of ART has been in my heart sense I was born 49 years ago.
My art has done drastic turns through the years, with so many different styles of painting. Now I have found my own style of painting, which is no style; just painting from my heart! The soul of my paintings now hopefully can be felt by all that views my art.
I started attending art shows in 1984, in Louisiana. Then in 1989 I traveled the USA, with my Native American Art.
My husband Bobby and I have 5 children and 8 grand children. When Bobby worked in Eastern Europe from 2001-2008 it was very hard on us to be away from our family. But during that time; oh how my life and art changed forever by being able to live in that environment. Humbling times of living in past war zones; to viewing manmade sights from thousands of years ago still standing. I learned so much from the old world of European cultures, children and artist. Now I am finally able accept and meet the challenges of an empty canvas with an open mind, Gods way not mine.
I teach art to adults & children 6 months out of the year- that is such a rewarding time of the year for me. But Christmas Ornaments is always calling me 12 MONTHS A YEAR!