Kai Drobish

Clay / Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement

My love for the colors and textures found in nature fuels a large part of my craftwork. Whether it be bayou country, the woods or the beach- all the creatures that inhabit the earth inspire me to interpret them in, mostly silly and whimsical ways. My medium is ceramics. I use a low fire white clay for my work. I start out throwing a slab then freehand whichever creature has caught my fancy at that moment! I have a passion for texture and color that can be seen in all my work. I use whatever is at hand to create texture- I carry clay in a baggy and if something grabs my eye it gets impressed then fired to use as a texture tool! My creatures seem to develop a personality of their own as texture is added and layered. By the time they are bisque I know who they are and what colors they want to be. After glazing they are fired again at cone 06. Opening the kiln on the days I work on my whimsy pieces is like finding a bunch of new silly friends.


Growing up with an artistic mother, I seemed to be always making things. So upon entering college I became a ceramics major- fun, joy, loved it! But around my junior year I panicked - had to major in something that would translate into a real career. So I graduated with a BA in PoliSci. Funny thing- 15 years later- here I am- a full time ceramic artist! I can’t believe my luck- making my living doing something I love! I kinda have two personalities in my work: architecture- I can spend days walking down the same streets , noticing new details on buildings and love being able to express that in my work; animals- I love all creatures and enjoy interpreting them in clay so I can share my whimsical view! Working in clay makes all things seem possible and I am only limited by own creativity.