Joy Gauss

Clay / New Orleans, LA

Artist Statement

New Orleans is my muse. I layer clay surfaces of my signature shapes with words, textures drawings and spriggs to illustrate her stories Pieces are bisque fired, hand painted with glazes then Raku fired to create a unique aged look. I work in a series of shapes and themes, each piece made by me, always an original and expressing the Joy I find in creating with clay.


Growing up in Kansas City I was influenced by early trips to the Nelson Art Gallery. At the University of Missouri I took a ceramics course and have worked with clay ever since. I am mostly self taught with workshops and continuing ed courses . My path has seemed to follow a sculptural story path and glaze firings with the Raku process. I have lived in New Orleans for some 30 years because - where else can one live in a turquoise house, play with clay for a living and find so many stories to share!