John Gargano

Clay / Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement

My utilitarian ware is always a reflection of my interests in form and function. The forms in the work are a mixture of contemporary and historical influences with a focus on improving functionality without sacrificing design aesthetics. Allowing the mark making of the wheel-throwing process to permeate the work brings honesty to the process and tradition of clay. My preference is to work with stoneware and domestic porcelain that provide variety in their throwing and fired characteristics. I primarily fire my work in a cone 10 soda kiln under a reductive environment. The mark making from the firing adds another layer of memory to the process and journey of the ware.


John Gargano is an Associate Professor in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is a ceramic artist who has worked in clay since 1988 and earned a MFA in ceramics in 1997. John relocated to Louisiana in the summer of 2000 to begin preparing for his teaching duties at UL Lafayette. Mr. Gargano’s art work has been exhibited nationally and regionally while being recognized by the states of Louisiana and Ohio for Individual Artist Fellowships. He maintains a studio in Broussard Louisiana with his wife Hollie.