Herbert Johnston

Wood / Benton, MS / Master Craftsman

Artist Statement



After retiring in Clinton, Mississippi, I spent one year consulting in the environmental engineering business while I restored from ground up a 1970 Pontiac Lemans Sport Convertible. At the end of this project a brother gave me an old small wood lathe and I started turning. To my wife's displeasure I found myself turning 18 hours a day. I have a family farm with old buildings no longer used and had the vision of converting these buildings to wood working shops. Like many people who do some hobby work out of their garage or backyard shed, my father, brothers, and In-laws all had some wood working tools. I decided to build a shop large enough to house everyone's equipment where we could all work and have access to everything you might need. Now my hobby has turned into a full time job. I harvest my own trees, saw lumber, dry lumber, etc. With the help of many friends I now have a hobby and shop where I spend most waking hours in absolute bliss designing, creating, and restoring anything made of wood, but my true passion will always be turning on a wood lathe.