Gabrie'l Gonzalez

Metal / Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement

My goal is to create jewelry that shines a light on the beauty that Mother Earth offers. Each piece is One of a Kind, created with intention using hand chosen natural stones and inspired by nature. The creative process brings joy to my soul and ends with not only a piece of jewelry, but a piece of the earth that holds energy and power for the wearer.

Many pieces include carefully chosen stones in their raw or tumbled form wrapped in various types of metal wire. I also use free form natural stone cabochons and raw materials such as sterling silver sheet metal and wire that I cut, solder and polish to create rings, cuffs and pendants. Everyday is an adventure as I learn more about metal working. I truly believe in the energy provided by nature through the stone and consider them my inspiration for every piece I create.


I, Gabrie'l Gonzalez, moved to southern Louisiana from Austin, Texas 5 years ago to reconnect with my heritage. Since then the culture of this place has taken root in my soul. It is here that I found my inspiration and passion to teach myself the art of jewelry making and start A Rolling Stone Jewels.

I learned about the healing power of crystals and stones at a young age from my grandfather, Timoteo. When he passed, my parents had a necklace made for me using one of his Amethyst that they tumbled, cut and polished. It is my dearest possession and has inspired me to create my own natural stone jewelry, in hopes of sharing the beauty and power of Mother Earth with others.