Fred Weber

Glass / Metairie, LA


Fred J. Weber Jr. is the artist and owner of Elements of Stained Glass. When Fred retired from being a general contractor, he decided to turn his long time hobby and passion into a business. Fred has been doing stained glass for over thirty years. The glass panels he creates are hand cut from sheets of specialty art glass, wrapped by hand in copper foil or lead cane, soldered with lead, and framed with zinc. Fred is from New Orleans, Louisiana and a lot of his work is inspired by elements of the local environment and his work incorporates the flavors of the area (crabs, egrets, shotgun doubles, Mardi Gras, etc). He has created a variety of types of panels featuring an assortment of designs such as animals, flowers, trees, antique panels, and many other designs. He has created panels for doors, cabinets, transoms, and windows. He enjoys creating custom pieces for his clients. Each piece he makes is unique.