Frank Thompson

Glass / Lake Charles, LA

Artist Statement

My Mom recently gave me a construction paper picture made with torn pieces of different colors and
outlined with a black crayon. On the bottom it said stained glass window. It looked like some 5 year old
had tried to portray his vision of glass art. I laughed and said Where did you get this? As she turned it
over on the lower right corner is scribbled Frank 1965

I now realize that glass has been in my subconscious for almost 50 years, and it has manifested itself in
stained glass, leaded glass, faceted glass, beveled glass and now fused glass wall art. The wall art I
create is mixed media in the form of fused glass mounted over polished metal. I came up with the idea
several years ago at an art show when selling stained glass panels to be hung in a window. A customer
told me they have blinds on their windows so they would not see it anyway, they had more wall space than
window space. This got my creative curiosity moving in an entirely new direction.

My first experiment was mounting glass over a mirror, but it looked cheap and I saw myself and what was
behind me in its reflection, not very appealing. I had been working with metal and black smithing, so I came
up with aluminum. This metal reflects and can be manipulated to enhance the design. If the glass were
mounted away from the metal it would have Movement and Energy thus was born Fused Glass Wall Art.

My designs are abstract in nature and work well in a room filled with natural light, this changes throughout
the day so the piece changes with it. A spot light can enhance the design by night thus adding even more
color changes through the use of Dichroic glass.
My inspiration comes from the natural world that surrounds me here in Southwest Louisiana with a
tropical and oceanic style, mixed with some whimsical fun.
Creating glass art designs that have never been conceived by any other fills me with a sense of
accomplishment and integrity, and has proven to be the most accurate method for translation of inner
vision to outer reality.
Frank Thompson


Frank Thompson, a Stained Glass Artist, has been working in the craft since 1982. His Studio is located north of Lake Charles,
Louisiana and it is there where he works in the crafts of stained glass, woodworking, and blacksmithing. He has been featured in
several newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs for his art.

A graduate of St. Louis High School, Lake Charles in 1978, he began working as a carpenter and soon became a home building
contractor. He began to work on historic restoration projects and started making custom art glass doors and windows. Many of
his doors are installed in other states giving him national notoriety.

His first church project was creating the 14 Stations of the Cross at St. Mary of the Lake Parish in Big Lake in 1993. Since then his
work is found in Fatima Chapel, McNeese Catholic Student Center, OLQH Adoration Chapel, St. Patrick’s Hospital Chapel, Casa
Manana Restaurant, First United Methodist Church, and the Bishops residence, all in Lake Charles. Other projects include Our
Lady Star of the Sea in Cameron, St. Peters in Hackberry, St. Lawrence in Raymond, St. Joseph’s in Elton, Sacred Heart in Creole,
First Baptist in Sulphur, Houston River Baptist North of Sulphur, Our Lady of Lasalette in DeQuincy, St. Lawrence in Mowata
(North of Crowley), and the Adoration Chapel at St. Phillip Neri in Kinder.

His unique style of doors and entryways grace many residences in Lake Charles, LA and has his work throughout the nation
including Battle Ground WA, Orinda CA, Braintree MA, Boulder CO, Cocoa Beach FL, Farmington CT, Vancouver WA, and
Houston TX to name a few.

In 2005, Hurricane Rita destroyed his woodworking shop. In order to recover, the Thompson Family made stained glass crosses to
sell. On the eve of Thanksgiving that year, they were featured on KPLC as a story of hope for all of us who experienced the
devastation of the hurricane. Since then they have made and sold over 3500 crosses all over the nation. Frank attributes his
success to a simple faith in God, who loves and cares for us.

As a member of the Louisiana Crafts Guild, Frank creates each project one at a time and focuses on superior craftsmanship and
quality in each one. He is presently producing video segments on how he works in his craft. These will be part of a DVD Series
that will be introduced soon. Frank loves teaching and is willing to share his experience stained glass and door making with

His latest venture in the world of glass is Fused Glass Gallery Art. He has been featured as a guest artist in several venues and has
won the Memorial Award for one of his pieces at the 2011 Natchoches Art Guild Juried Competition.

He presently creates fused glass art mounted on polished aluminum and exhibits his work
in juried art shows throughout the nation.