Francesca Orgeron

Glass / Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement

I lampwork with all 104coe glass, carlisle hellcat torch, 2 ex-15 oxy con's, and a bluebird kiln.


REVER DE VERRE …dreaming of glass…

Growing up with a Father who is an Interior Designer instilled a love of art and color in me at a very young age. After searching for knobs and pulls for my kitchen, and not being able to find what I wanted, I started Lampworking. Working with glass opened up a wonderful hobby for me which has since become a daily occurrence and obsession. I learned how to Lampwork in Florence, Italy.

Lampworking is using a gas torch to melt and shape glass. I use 104 coe soft glass that is annealed in a kiln to relieve stress in the glass. Although it is annealed, it still is glass and dropping it on the ground will result in chipping or cracking, so please be careful with it.

Some of the glass is capped and or cored with either brass, silver, or copper that I hand make for each individual piece. All knobs have a threaded insert fused to the inside of the glass.

Francesca Bouligny Orgeron