Eva Campbell

Mixed Media / New Iberia, LA

Artist Statement

I am primarily a beadwork artist, using simply a needle and thread and a very large pile of very small beads to make my pieces. I use a variety of off loom stitches and varying sizes of beads to create texture and shape within my pieces. Most of all I love to make jewelry with my beads, I see jewelry as art you can wear and enjoy. My British upbringing brings me a strong sense of tailoring and correctness that translates into a geometric feel to my work. My quirky sense of humor adds a touch of whimsy that often surfaces in my designs.
My absolute favorite stitch is peyote, due to its sheer versatility to bring texture and shape to a piece, and I find it such a lovely soothing rhythmical stitch to work in. My designs will often bring me back to my favorite stitch, however, I just love to learn and explore new techniques to incorporate them into my designs. Not just in the terms of learning and creating new bead weaving stitches, but in any technique I can use to make jewelry. I have been branching out into wire working, both with traditional manipulation methods, and with crochet and knitting techniques. Using kumihimo, the Japanese art of braiding, to weave fibers and beads together. I’ve explored resin and glass fusing to create focal pieces to incorporate into my designs, and most recently I’ve started to explore metalsmithing techniques as my thirst for jewelry making knowledge has progressed. I am mostly self taught, using whatever resources I can, from books and videos, to workshops and classes to good old fashioned trial and mostly error.
I find inspiration everywhere, but my favorite designs come from trying to recreate evocative images in beads. Such as the water dripping from a frosty icicle against an ice blue winter sky, translated into a collar that looks like crushed ice with a crystal blue pendant, or a twisting autumnal vine becoming the basis for a spiral necklace highlighting an electroformed leaf. Sometimes inspiration is as simple as seeing a beautiful focal bead and using that as inspiration to build a piece of jewelry around it.
I always keep my eyes and my heart open, because I never know when I’ll see something that will spark the beginning of my next design.


Like most everything in my life, I can blame it all on my husband. When we met in 1997 I was studying Medicine living in England. He was a handsome American, fittingly, a mechanic to throw a spanner in my works. My interest in making jewelry and crafting was sparked when, whilst preparing for our wedding, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so naturally, as any obsessed bride would do, I embarked on a mission to teach myself everything I needed to know to make my attendant’s jewelry and head dresses. After moving to the USA I’d revisit beading as a hobby now and again, dabbling mostly in basics, until one day someone showed me seed beads and from that moment on I was hooked. I soon realized I’d much rather stick needles into pretty beads rather than people and so my new life as a bead work artist began.
I now live in Youngsville, with my husband, my two dogs and an overabundance of beads.