Emily Annabelle Koro

Mixed Media / Baton Rouge, La

Artist Statement

Bone hoarder. Kayaker. Plant based alchemist. Questioner. Optimistic pessimist. Friend to all animals. Number cruncher. Hen whisperer. Music lover. Cactus rescuer. I promote a love of art and jewelry through creation of one of a kind copper pieces made from cruelty free bones and antler. I also incorporate found objects such as feathers, twigs, leaves, seed pods and other organics. Paired with glass, ceramic and stone, each piece is a unique treasure. I love creating organic jewelry that has a life of it's own and is meaningful and special to it's wearer.


I’m 48 years old and have been creating art in some form or another since I was a child. I’ve been creating wearable art for 30 years and still wear the very first ring I made. My dad was in the navy band my mom was a geologist so my love for stones and unique cultures is very apparent in both my upbringing and my art. I’ve always had a love for incorporating bone and feather and stones. I have backyard chickens as pets and each time they molt, I collect their feathers for my art. The same is true for traveling. I collect twigs, leaves etc so that I can make pieces from places I’ve been.