Ellen Caillouet

Glass / Lafayette, LA / Master Craftsman

Artist Statement

Ellen and George Caillouet established Absolut Art Glass Studio, Inc. in 2002. Although this business is only 12 years old, our experience spans over 35 years of working in this medium, and we have 59 years cumulative experience within the art glass industry. Our experience spans every facet in the creation of art glass.
We have worked very satisfactorily with individual clients, contractors, architects,
draftsmen, interior designers, and fellow artists to create specific works of glass art for
specific placement.
Our studio provides the public all facets of custom designed art glass; encompassing
custom beveling, painting & firing, slumping, etching, carving, fusing, laminating, glass mosaics,
and mirroring glass to create each individual design to the desires of each individual client.
Within our business, we are able to draw on varied resources to create diverse
and unusual glass art. We also focus on the established and traditional techniques and
designs, as these are timeless in their beauty and longevity.
Absolut Art Glass Studio is very diverse. At the time of first contact with each client or
designer we work very closely to create the art glass on paper. Then, with their needs in mind,
choose methods to produce the desired results, such as custom beveling, textured glasses, fused glass, colored glass ( clear colors or opaque), or painted and fired detail. Once the design, the
techniques, and the materials are decided upon, the small scale drawings are converted to the
actual size pattern-- and the production of this project begins.
We are experts at renovation or repair of historical stained glass, and are an active
member in good standing of the Stained Glass Association of America. This organization sets the
guidelines for the restoration of historical stained glass here in the United States and internationally. I am presently on the executive Board of Directors for the Louisiana Crafts Guild, serving my 4th year as the Vice president of this non-profit statewide organization.
As we grow and develop new skills and options we can offer to our clientele, we look toward the future and other facets of design with glass. We are branching out into glass work incorporating torch work; bead and marble making, and 3~dimensional glass art. Just this past year, we have been working with metalsmiths, and wrought iron, what a contrast!! We have just completed a custom designed bronze door pull with Italian bazzazi glass mosaic. These new challenges are leading us into new and expanding discoveries that enhance our abilities to meet the ever-changing needs and desires of our clients. We keep our minds open to new ideas and challenges. Some of our most interesting pieces are because of wondering "if this will work".


I am a glass artist who specializes in custom leaded stained glass, painting and firing on glass, religious and historical art glass design, creation, restoration, and repair.
The focus is on designing and creating custom beveled glass panels and custom stained glass for entryways, room dividers, and windows.
We are masters at carving and etching glass, laminating, and insulating art glass. Restoration of historical stained and leaded glass is a very important part of our organization.
At our studio, we can cold fuse colored glass to clear plate for commercial and residential application.
We also work in flat glass, kiln formed glass, hot fusing, slumping, and bead making in the flame of a torch.