Dusty Reed

Mixed Media / Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement

Dusty gathers inspiration from Louisiana and his surroundings. As such, Dusty uses surfaces found and embraces the found while denying the first impression, as he believes that all art is secondhand- even for the artist themselves. From the traditional acrylic and oil on canvas to mud and moss on cypress or tin, Dusty’s palette is never empty. Just as his namesake acquiesces, Dusty’s art pushes boundaries of the norm, creating a style all his own.


A native of Lafayette, Louisiana, Dusty Reed is known for his bold lines, dynamic colors, and prolific images. The founder of Colk Art (a bridge between cubism and folk art), Dusty is set to become an artistic powerhouse in the near future. Every piece of his (from the “contemporary fine” to the “festival folk”) is blessed with the rich, Louisiana flare born from the mind of the man known as “The Cajun Picasso”.