David & Ginny Englund

Clay / Abbeville, LA

Artist Statement

We cherish traditional classic functional pottery, so we strive to create pieces that echo the classic forms and shapes of traditional pottery pieces, adding our own interpretation and design elements as we go. We want to create functional pottery that people will use everyday, and that will also grace the home of the user. We believe in the 'form of following function' philosophy, expressed by simple classic forms theat preform their function well. We believe that a well formed piece's shape that perfectly complements its use is a thing of beauty in itself. A well balanced pitcher or mug, or a serving bowl or platter can be a joy to use as well as be a beautiful piece. It's functionality becomes part of its beauty. We also love color. We love using glazes they flow and mingle with others to add a compelling visual effect.


The soft whir of the wheel...the coolness of wet clay gliding through fingers...watching a shape rise from a lump of spinning mud...these are the experiences that drew us to the art of clay. We have been involved in the art of pottery for more than ten years, when we first put our hands into some clay at a friend's house. Although we have had no formal training, we have attended numberous workshops, taken lessons and classes and visited active potteries, as well as throwing and forming pots in our own growing shop. They say experience is the best teacher, and we have found this to be the case , as our skills have grown over the years to the point where the thought can be translated into the form through the fingers. Ginny's years of art classes guide our designs of shape and forms, as well as informing the decorating process. We handcraft every item, using a variety of traditional forming methods, and formulate most of our own glazes to exert as much control over the creative process as we can. We have always loved pottery, and use everything we make in our home, and love to be able to share the results of our labors with others.