David & Emily Wortman

Clay / Duson, LA / Master Craftsman

Artist Statement

We love making pottery for people to use and enjoy , whether it's for your home table or your church. We started making pottery together 40 years ago with David's emphasis on elegant wheel thrown work while Emily concentrates on her hand built pieces. Starting with our own studio made stoneware clay and glazes, the pottery is crafted with a variety of techniques - wheel thrown, slab or hand built. Our finished work is a combination of both, reflecting the bounty of Louisiana seafood, with sculptural crawfish, gators and oyster shells adorning the pottery, because you know it's all about the food!

Another aspect of our pottery are pieces designed for church use. We are honored to have our simple and functional chalice sets used in churches around the country.


David was raised in Lafayette, LA. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Santa Barbara Art Institute and a Masters of Fine Art from Tulane University. Emily was raised in New Orleans and received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Tulane.