Danielle Moss

Glass / Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement

These are pieces from my Fused Glass Collection inspired by the beautiful colors in dichroic glass. When fusing glass, I melt multiple pieces in a kiln to a temperature where the glass transforms into a near liquid like state or until it tacks together. The dichroic glass has shiny colors and is created by spraying micro-layers of various metal oxides including titanium, chromium, gold, zirconium, and aluminum onto the surface of clear or black glass. The fusion process creates a crystalline structure on the glass, which causes light to fracture. Every piece is unique, one of a kind and signed. Each pendant includes an 18” sterling silver serpentine chain, ear wires are sterling silver and bails are sterling silver plated.


I am a native of Lafayette Louisiana and have been creating, painting and drawing for over 30 years. At a very young age, I was taught to paint with oils and acrylics on canvas, paint on porcelain china, how to crochet blankets and sew on my great-grandmother’s old singer sewing machine.
My biggest influence, inspiration and best friend was my grandmother, Jeanne Moss, who was a phenomenal artist and china painter. She introduced me to porcelain clay over 25 years ago and that was the first medium in which I started making jewelry. I soon bought a kiln and learned how to fire and finish my own work. As an art major in college, I learned to work with several mediums such as metal, wood, ceramics and even photography. But, the one medium that I always had a fascination for was something I knew nothing about, and that was glass. So, several years ago, I began experimenting with melting glass bottles in my kiln, which lead to my passion of fusing dichroic glass jewelry. Today, I mostly work with fused glass and fine silver, as well as incorporate the two mediums together. The fine silver that I work with is in a form that allows me to handcraft it into a unique design and then fire it in my kiln, resulting in a piece of jewelry that is 99.9% fine silver. As I create, I look toward nature for inspiration, influence and just let it happen. I have had so many positive influences and blessings in my life and truly appreciate those that enjoy wearing my Creations By Fire.


Bachelor of Science Degree - Major Applied Arts - Graduate of 1996