Chrisanne Wilheimi

Fiber / Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement

As a social worker I dealt with some of life’s most difficult situations in my professional career. Creating a sense of balance in my life come from incorporating fiber arts into my daily life. After dealing with particularly difficult situations, I could come home and beat the loom or direct my focus on a knitting project. Going to sleep at night I could imagine patterns and designs as the stress melted away. The companionship of other fiber artists allowed me to have a sense of community that helped to create that balance in my life.
My studio is the home of my 8 shaft floor loom. The loom was handmade by a shipbuilder and is 55 inches wide. In addition to this loom I also work with an 8 shaft table loom and a tapestry loom. I work with a variety of fibers; cotton, wool, alpaca, mohair, rayon, as well as making use of novelty yarns. I particularly enjoy working with hand spun and hand dyed yarns. I get an incredible sense of pleasure creating cloth out of strands of fiber!


I graduated from USL in 1976 with a degree in psychology. Since that time I pursued a career in social work. Most of my adult life has been spent in Denver, Colorado. In addition to working as a professional social worker, I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist and had a small, private practice in Denver.
Having recently retired, I’ve moved back to Lafayette with the intention of spending more time in pursuing my interests in fiber arts and in hypnotherapy.