Caroline Wolf

Mixed Media / Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement

I was introduced to the process of block printing in 2008 and immediately fell in love. Linoleum cuts allow me to create more depth and texture in my work.
Linoleum cuts are a reductive process so the areas that I carve away will remain the color of the paper. I usually sketch out my drawings directly onto the linoleum. Once I’m ready to print, I dab some ink onto a surface and roll over it with a brayer. I use a water soluble block printing ink made my Speedball. After the brayer is coated I roll it over the block. I repeat this process until the block is well coated. I place the block on the bed of my press and cover it with the paper. I use cotton paper such as BFK Rives or Stonehenge. I cover the block and the paper with a felt blanket and run it through the press, transferring the image to the paper.


I am a Baton Rouge native, but I've been in Lafayette since 2007. In 2011, I graduated from UL in Visual Arts with a concentration in Printmaking. Since 2012, I have been working for Lafayette Consolidated Government in the Printing and Graphics Department.