Bruci Gauthier

Clay / St. Martinville, LA / Master Craftsman

Artist Statement

Clay: Thrown pots and hand built tiles are all finished with original carving and sculpting.

Mixed Media: Traditional egg dying using scraps of silk material.

Mixed Media: Hand made paper and cardstock using recycled materials.


I have always drawn and created object of art. It was only after enrolling in a leisure learning pottery class in 1994 that I was introduced to clay. I throw on the wheel or hand make tiles. When the clay is leather hard I sculpt and carve leaves, animals or other images from nature on to the clay. The piece is then dried, fired, glazed and fired again.

The tradition of dying Easter eggs with fabric scraps is in its third generation in our family.

I recycle paper, lint and just about anything you can imagine to make my papers and cardstocks. Embellishments range from handmade clay beads and pendants to objects provided by nature.