Beatrix Bell

Mixed Media / New Orleans, LA

Artist Statement

My jewelry designs are composed of precious metals, gemstones and pearls. I combine a variety of hot and cold connection techniques to achieve different jewelry compositions. Each piece has a feature that has been soldered, filed, polished and hammered. After these pieces are crafted, a cold connection embellishment is added. This could include textured metals, wire woven bezels, wire cocoons, wire encasement, wire wrapped chain or beaded dangles. These aspects are created by manipulating wire with several types of pliers. I enjoy using these techniques to create positive and negative space, visual weights, line, and texture. These techniques create delicate yet sturdy wearable pieces of art.


Like most jewelry designers, my passion for creating started as a hobby. I would set up at any venue that would take me, whether it was a music festival, juried art show, or in a parking garage next to a pecan stand. After many weekends spent under a pop-up tent, I took the entrepreneurial jump. I quit my day job and convinced myself that starting a business during a recession was actually a really good idea. I exhibited at my first wholesale tradeshow in Atlanta...and never looked back. Since 2008, Beatrixbell Jewelry has grown from a one-woman artist under a tent, to a brand that is carried in over 100 stores nationwide (still operated by one woman). Through my growth, I have continued to create high quality handmade designs that are made in America, while competing in a retail industry full of imports. I work in a stuido located a few blocks off of the Mississippi River in the sleepy neighborhood of Algiers Point in New Orleans, LA.