Bayou Bohemian

Mixed Media / Lafayette, Louisiana

Artist Statement

I am inspired by the magic of nature and primitive ancient techniques in jewelry making. I am passionate about the methods used many decades ago that have been passed on for generations. Like silversmithing, tufacast and lapidary art. The story, culture and folklore in these traditional ways fuels my excitement for making modern day pieces with my own hands that reflect these ancient stories through adornment and these timeless crafts. I incorporate American turquoise that I have traveled to the mines myself to collect. Discovering the beauty just beneath the surface of these treasures during the lapidary process is undeniably magic to me. My work is a tribute to the stories and the magic. Creating something to be worn everyday using techniques and elements that are rich with history and beauty that you can feel. A tangible connection to the past and to the Earth.


I am JéLlyn Morvant, wife, mother to three young children and maker. I make for my sanity, my peace of mind and my heart’s yearning. I was born and raised in Lafayette, La but I lived in Southern California for nearly the complete decade of my twenties so I feel like I did much growing up there. I have a degree in Fashion Design from a small school in California. I have been making jewelry of some form for many years and for more than two decades I have had the dream of becoming a silversmith working with Turquoise specifically. I interned with a beautiful, talented silversmith in California in the early 2000s but it wasn’t until 2015 that I invested in my own tools and jumped in to learning the art in my own space through trial and error. Taking what I remembered and watching videos and reading books to piece together what I needed to know, where ever I was in the process. My work in general is simple and allows the stones to take the spotlight. I enjoy embracing less than perfect elements in my creations and allowing them to be a part of the whole design. Sometimes inspiring the route a particular piece takes to be complete. I feel this adds to the authenticity and the story of each design. I find great reward in that.

I have grown my craft to include the art of cutting rocks which allows a freedom in design and a magic of uncovering the beauty that hides beneath dirt and the top layer of the raw material.

I have come a long way on my journey but there is much more for me to discover on my path as an artist.