Ange Riehl

Glass / Lafayette, LA / Master Craftsman

Artist Statement

My studio space is a small part of a much larger studio, Absolut Art Glass, Stained Glass Studio in Lafayette. I produce all my Lampworked Glass beads there and occasionally teach classes there too. I also have a space at home where I do all my designing and assembling.

Lampworking is a very old practice of softening glass in the flame of an oil lamp....the modern day torch has replaced it and speeds up the process exponentially!
It is an intense and satisfying experience watching the glass glow and soften as I wind it onto a readied mandrel. When I am not making beads with the torch I also love to do on and off-loom seed bead weaving and bead embroidery.


I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember. My mother was very encouraging of my talents and my desire to develop them. I want to share the knowledge that was shared with me, with up and coming young artists. This is why I became a teacher of the arts. In addition to drawing and painting, I discovered a love for making delicately wearable art, mainly jewelry. From the age of fourteen, I was designing and selling my jewelry creations. I made pieces out of everything; then I discovered my true medium…glass.
I am a glass beadmaker, a lampworker to be precise. I work with a Minor Burner bench torch and make Lampworked Glass beads. Each bead is made one at a time and is a small piece of artwork. With my beads, I am able to make an endless array of original glass pieces for my line of jewelry, Riehl Hot Beads.