Ana Maria Andricain

Metal / Baton Rouge, LA

Artist Statement

I am a precious metal clay certified artist and combine these skills with traditional silversmithing, wirework and beading techniques. Precious metals, semi-precious stones, pearls and crystals are used to create one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces that have been commissioned for Broadway Opening Nights and The Tony Awards.

I am inspired by the natural origins of geometry and by the gemstones and metals themselves. I sketch my ideas for engineering purposes, then craft a prototype with base metal before creating the final product in sterling silver or gold.

With my precious metal clay pieces, I may start with a leaf or piece of nature from the yard or a sketch of a pattern or texture I would like. I carve textures or designs on to a carving pad to use as a background then roll the clay and cut and carve with my grandfather’s old dental tools. Once I have the piece carved, fully dried, sanded and perfected, I place it in the kiln and fire it to burn away the clay and sinter the metal leaving a one-of-a-kind solid piece of fine silver, copper, bronze or gold.

My one-of-a kind and limited edition designs are as unique and varied as the pieces of nature or the women who originally inspired them but always stay true to my artistic vision.

I am a proud member of L'esprit du Metal, the Louisiana Chapter of the PMC Guild. My handcrafted jewelry can be found at as well as juried art festivals and markets throughout the south.


I discovered my passion for creating jewelry while appearing the the Broadway Company of Beauty and the Beast. I spent my time backstage creating new designs for friends and family. I had several breaks during the show and loved to run back to my dressing room and come up with new design ideas. Most of my original pieces were made right in the dressing room. I was commissioned to create jewelry for several Broadway opening nights and the Tony Awards and the business grew from there.

I had no formal training in jewelry design or construction when I started. My knowledge of the art was gathered from extensive reading and experimentation and hours spent in the gemstone warehouses and beading shops in the Fashion District of New York City.

Since my husband’s career transfer back to my hometown of Baton Rouge, I have sought formal training in order to realize some of my more advanced design ideas. I studied traditional silversmithing under Don Norris of Estes Park and hold a full certification for Precious Metal Clay completed under Patrik Kusek. With these new skills I am now able to create my own decorative clasps and focal points in my brand new kiln!

I hold a BFA from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and am a veteran of numerous Broadway shows including Les Miserables, Beauty & the Beast, South Pacific and Evita to name a few. I am now a full time jewelry artist living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with husband, Philip J. Mann and my 4 ½ pound fluffy daughter, Sidney, the teacup Maltese!