Amy Anderson

Glass / Baton Rouge, LA

Artist Statement

Creating designs with glass and tile is my form of expression, art for visual pleasure is my choice. Some designs become landscapes; while others are just pleasing colors and patterns with various focal points. My inspiration comes from nature. And also pieces of glass or tiles that have a particular shape or color, and then other pieces that relate and continue to form an interesting design.


I am currently residing in Baton Rouge, LA with my husband Doug of 30 years; along with our daughter; and a bird, 2 cats and a dog and many plants.

Education: 3.5 years as a Fine Arts major at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Work Experience: Stained glass professional for other studios, as a fabricator and designer, working mainly on liturgical designs. Own my on business, Anderson Artworks, designing and fabricating stained glass and mosaics.Taught in our local schools as an artist in residence. Worked as an art director for several commercial productions. Now I have my own shop on Etsy Also find me at, and