Adrian Guidry

Mixed Media / Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement

The opportunity to create is a gift. In my work I combine precious metal clay and natural elements, creating jewelry pieces that contrast hard/soft, dark/light, organic/metallic. I am compelled to work with my hands and directly with my materials. I fabricate my own bronze clay using various ingredients first. I then use different elements to form each piece. If I intend to duplicate the piece, a mold is made. The pieces are then fired in a kiln and go through a 2 day polishing process. I enjoy working with precious metal clay, but cannot resist the possibilities offered by other materials and objects like semi precious stones, leather and other metals. All pieces are hand crafted and original using various methods including kiln firing, soldering, wire wrapping and a variety of other techniques. This provides me with the means to experiment with the range of possibilities allowed through my choice of materials to develop my own unique artist voice. My goal is to create pieces which are functional and practical. The designs are lightweight and easy to wear. Each day is a chance to create your own style and personality. I am thrilled and honored when my work is chosen to be part of that expression.


Adrian Guidry is the owner / operator of Adorn Clothing – Shoes – Accessories located on Westmark Boulevard in Lafayette, La. Adrian was born in New Orleans but has spent most of her life in Lafayette; and is now fulfilling a lifelong interest in design and jewelry creation. All pieces are made with natural elements including metal and stones. Most of her designs are inspired by her travels throughout the country and around the world. She is a regular Artist at the Lafayette Artist and Farmers Market. Adrian currently lives in Lafayette, La with her husband and 2 children. Please email Adrian at