Sheila LeBlanc

Other / Duson, Louisiana

Artist Statement

Acadian Rain Herbal Soaps are a wonderfully unique way to travel back to a simpler time when bath products were handcrafted with a personal touch. Sheila LeBlanc has recaptured that time with a line of handmade natural soaps. Each bar is hand cut and packaged and designed to pamper your skin using natural herbs, pure essential oils and/or fragrances.


I still live on the same farm that I was raised on in the heart of Cajun country in South Louisiana and learned the art of soapmaking from my mother and sister. They made the old fashioned lye soap in the big black pot. Nothing went to waste on our farm!

Later, I wanted to continue the tradition of soap making and I became aware of other methods of soapmaking called cold process where the ingredients aren't cooked down with tremendous heat therefore preserving the herbal qualities of the ingredients in the soap. I began experimenting with herbs, essential oils and goats milk. I also wanted my soap to be something special that could be given as a gift so I created a packaging that even one bar given to a special someone was meaningful and beautiful.

I began Acadian Rain Herbal Soap 20 years ago. My products are loved by many and I have shipped soap all over the world over the years. Many customers come back to me and state that they tried other soaps from soapmakers but they just don't compare to mine! I don't skimp on anything! Everything is made with love of the art.

Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you will love our products!