Standards Review

The Standards Committee is comprised of five exhibiting members.

Every member of the committee will carefully scrutinize each piece submitted. Work from commercial kits is not acceptable.

Apply online using A $30 jury fee must be submitted as well.

A high degree of skill and competence must be evident. Small details are considered. Each committee member then scores each entry on scale from 1-5.

If, after all scores are averaged, an applicant fails to score at least 3.5 (required for membership), the committee discusses what constructive suggestions to write to the applicant. After receiving the suggestions the applicant is eligible to reapply after taking into consideration the suggestions and has applied them to their work being resubmitted for consideration.

Louisiana Crafts Guild Inc., is a nonprofit corporation of professional craftsmen.

A high standard of excellence is always maintained. Members’ work is subject to review at all guild events. Only work originally submitted for application review is eligible for exhibit. Failure to maintain consistent standards can result in probation or expulsion.