Membership Criteria


This membership level is for all juried members. Benefits of this level include:
  • New Membership press release to newspapers.
  • Notification of Co-Op purchases for artist supplies.
  • Discounted rates for artist’s own website.
The Louisiana Crafts Guild recognizes the guidelines set by the Division of the Arts Crafts Marketing Program.

Standards Review

All applicants undergo a standards review by five exhibiting members.  Learn more about the process.


Folk Craftsmen

Maintain traditional crafts learned within their own community. Their skills are passed down orally or by example rather than in the context of a classroom or workshop.

Ritual & Festive Crafts

Voodoo dolls, Mardi Gras mask, etc.

Native American Crafts

Palmetto weaving, moss dolls, woodcarvings, etc.

Domestic Crafts

Quilting, weaving, soap making, broom making, etc.

Folk Instruments

Fiddle making, triangle (tee fer), wash boards (frottoirs) etc.

Rural Occupational Crafts

Blacksmithing, rope making, boat building, etc.

Contemporary & Revivalist Craftsmen

Craftsmen who have acquired knowledge of his craft through books, workshops, or education.


Thrown or hand built forms. If a mold is used it must have been designed by the artist. No mass-produced ware.


Spinning, weaving, weaving baskets, cane bottom chairs, pine needle baskets and hand-woven cottons, etc.


Flat “cold” and “hot” glass processes (stained glass, blown glass, laminated glass, etc.)


Enameling, casting, granulation, repousse, engraving, metal spinning, inlay, cutlery, sculpture, decorative and utilitarian ironwork, etc.


Furniture, carving, sculpting, etc. (If a clock is made, the mechanism can be purchased, but not the housing – must be hand made.)

Mixed Media

Drawing and painting are allowed if part of an original piece of art in 3D. Example: Decorative gourds. Other examples of mixed media would be collages, decoupage on an original 3D item, and architectural salvage, altered or assembled in an aesthetic creative manner. Beading: if commercial beads are used they must be used in a creative manner and not just strung with the use of commercial clasps . Fabric dyeing – silk and batiking are eligible. Block printing is eligible only if the original block is submitted for review with the printed pieces.



Original watercolors, oils, and acrylics and works on paper that represent and evoke the urban and rural cultures and traditions of Louisiana.


Color and Black & White photography that represent and evoke the urban and rural cultures and traditions of Louisiana. Prints must be limited edition (up to 100) and signed and numbered.