Gay Herpin

Clay / Kaplan, LA


Working with pottery has quenched my desire to become an artist.
Not only can I mold the pottery into something useful but I can also use it as a canvas to paint or add something to it to make it more beautiful.
It gives me great pleasure to see my pieces being used or displayed in someone’s home. Mission accomplished!


My life as a potter began in 2009. I started taking lessons and what began as an interest turned into my passion. In October of 2013, I retired from being an educator, I established Granola Pottery and began creating functional pieces. Most of my pottery is hand built, coupled with many pieces thrown from the wheel. I make a wide variety, such as: casserole dishes, chip-n-dip bowls, spoon rests, angels, ikebanas and much more. As an artist, I love color and I like to try new color combinations of glazes. All of the glazes that I use are lead free and are safe for the microwave, oven and dishwasher. As an educator I decided to share my passion and I am currently teaching hand-building classes to adults. I also teach children in the summer. I’m happy to say that creating with clay has been a blessing for me.