Diana Martin

Metal / Baton Rouge, LA


I begin my designs with a stone, often a rough uncut stone, as an inspiration to develop a wearable sculpture for emotional and physical enjoyment. Within the pattern or structure of the stone may be a contour or design which enhances the dimensional effect of the piece. Inspiration is found in nature, all forms of art, and in general life all around us. I often hand cuts stones to get the desired effect in a piece whether it be size, style, color, or unusual contour to develop small pieces of wearable sculpture. Every piece is unique and individual to the eye of the beholder. The total design is the essential consideration, but most importantly, the jewelry must relate to its owner and be comfortable to wear.


My introduction to Metalsmithing was in 2004 with three leisure college courses on basic jewelry making. From there I was definitely hooked but my college jewelry department closed so I was forced to move on to find inspiration and knowledge elsewhere. I’ve been fortunate to work under the tutelage of artists such as Betty Helen Longi, John Cogswell, Harold O’Conner, Marilyn Nicholson and many others. Jewelry Classes have been in many states, St. John Virgin Islands, and recently culminated with completion of five weeks of study in Florence Italy.
I do custom work in silver and copper and show at several show a year across the country.
I thirst for knowledge in this wonderful field and have much more to learn so hopefully the journey will continue for me for many more years to come…..