Linda Rosamano

Mixed Media / New Orleans, LA


Linda’s unique “spirit Dolls” emerged in 2010, eighteen years after she first created folk art dolls.

She sews and stuffs the bodies, creates painted clay faces, clothes them with fabric (often recycled Mardi Gras costumes), shells, moss, feathers, amulets, wire and her unfinished jewelry. These dolls embody themes of life cycles and regeneration, evoking archetypal themes of healing, rebirth, protection and empowerment.

Throughout history people have expressed their close ties to the earth and its source/creator. Benin and Togo boccio dolls made of clay and wood wrapped with rope, protected their owners, and connecting them to realms of sexuality, fertility and the spirit world. Greco-Roman kolossi figures magically bound lovers, ensuring fidelity. Sacred magical Voodoo from New Orleans restored rain, fertility and gave their owners a sense of empowerment.
Myths, religions and spirituality fascinate and inspire me to create my dolls. I love to explore themes of the creator/source. Mysteries of our existence transport me to a peaceful presence while simultaneously experiencing a state of excited aliveness.


I have made art since my earliest memories. I am a native New Orleanian, and live with my husband, daughter and sister in a rambling old house. I have been inspired by the gumbo of ethnic groups, cultures and various religions and spiritual practices of the region.

I love painting and mixed media. After Hurricane Katrina I did a series of artworks about the devastation and recovery of the city. I continue to paint, use mixed media and fashion dolls to express the culture of New Orleans and southeast Louisiana.

I am presently a member of RHINO Contemporary Crafts where I exhibit and sell my works.